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Who Is Best Suited for Independent Senior Living in Southeast Denver?

As we get older, it is common to start thinking about the aging process and what it does to our ability to live independently. It could be said that independent senior living in Southeast Denver is the ultimate goal for most aging adults.

For seniors focused on independence and a thriving lifestyle, the environment in which they live is fundamental. That is why so many older adults begin to consider the potential of moving to an independent living community. But who is best suited for this lifestyle? The answer is seniors who can still live independently but appreciate having access to the socialization and assistance offered at a senior living facility.

Most independent living communities are usually limited to individuals aged 65 and older. The residents themselves are generally in good health and can care for themselves with little to no assistance. This allows them to take full advantage of being self-reliant.

On the other hand, seniors who need support with daily activities or additional care services are not well suited to the independent living lifestyle. In these cases, an assisted living community would be the better option, as this type of residence caters to more involved needs for assistance, such as medication management and help with routine hygiene.

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