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What to Look for in Affordable Assisted Living Facilities

Once you start looking up various affordable assisted living facilities in Southeast Denver, you will quickly find that not all are created equal. Sure, most retirement homes serve the same general goals, but they can vary widely in size, culture, cost, and amenities. So, here are a few of the significant differences to consider when you are searching for an assisted living facility for yourself or a loved one:

  • Location – The importance of location usually depends on the personal preference of the potential resident. Some people might prefer to stay in the community where they are currently living so they can remain close to friends and familiar surroundings, some might want to live closer to family, and others might want a complete change of scenery—such as moving from a big city to a quiet, suburban environment.
  • Size – Retirement homes vary widely in size—from 10 beds to more than 100. This can also mean a wide variation in the staff-to-resident ratio. You will want to search for a favorable balance of staff to residents to ensure that you or your loved one receives the personalized care they deserve. A good rule of thumb is one staff member per five or six residents.
  • Services – Consider what type of services you or your loved one needs now—and will likely need in the future. Do you need assistance with daily living activities? Want someone else to take care of the housekeeping and meal prep? Maybe you are looking for services tailored to specific health needs, such as memory care? Different assisted living facilities offer different services and finding the right one is all about picking out a community that will make your golden years rewarding and comfortable.
  • Culture – Finally, it is always a good idea to tour potential retirement homes to get a better idea of the culture of the space. A tour allows you and your loved ones to get a better idea of what to expect living in the community, as well as gives you a chance to meet staff and see what types of activities are available.

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