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Memory Care

What is Memory Care?

Alzheimer’s disease or dementia creates a challenging living situation for both the affected person and their family. One of the best ways to provide support to both the patient as well as their loved ones is to make sure they are receiving the proper level of memory care they need.

At many assisted living facilities and nursing homes, there are special care units designed specifically for helping individuals with memory problems. ESMRC’s units are not only designed to improve the living conditions of dementia and Alzheimer’s patients but also to help to curb or slow down the progression of the disease. We have created a structured, engaging environment.

Memory diseases can be very unpredictable, which can make it hard for those who aren’t trained to deal with them to adjust to any new problems that might arise. At a memory care center, the staff is trained on how to handle these quirks, which allows them to act swiftly to reduce the potential negative impacts that can come with them.

While there is no cure for dementia, it is possible to potentially slow down its effects. This requires a level of care that can almost exclusively be found in memory care facilities.

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