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Assisted Living Community in Denver

What Is It Like to Live in an Assisted Living Community in Denver?

You might be wondering what it is like to move yourself or a loved one into an assisted living community in Denver. While this change might seem daunting, there are actually many reasons to be excited about such a move--especially if your loved one is in need of memory care.

While every resident’s routine will be unique--based on their required level of care and interests--an ordinary day at an assisted living community is one designed to bring comfort. A regular day could look something like:

Morning – Your day is likely to begin with a nurse or a care associate coming in to check on you and provide you with any morning medicine or supplements you may require. They may also assist you with personal hygiene, if required, and help you plan out your day.

Meals – Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are usually served at set times. Nutritious snacks to meet your specific dietary requirements are also common.

Activities – To keep residents engaged, there are usually many scheduled activities--including exercise classes and social events--as well as the ability to plan out your own activities for the day.

Services – Most of the care services provided at a facility are based around your needs. You might also find that your community offers such services as regular room cleanings, laundry services, hair services, banking, and transportation services.

Evening – As your day comes to a close, you are typically able to retire to your room to read, watch television, catch up on phone calls, or do just about anything else you would usually do at a “regular” home. When it is bedtime, a care associate will be there to assist you in making sure you are safe, sound, and happy.

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