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What are the Benefits of Living in Independent Patio Homes?

Most seniors plan on staying in their own homes as they age. While this is a comfortable option, it isn’t always the safest or healthiest choice. Thankfully, independent patio homes in Southeast Denver are the perfect compromise between independent living and assisted living.


Patio homes are single-family homes that are usually located within a senior living community. They are designed to have manageable, senior-friendly floor plans and often provide a wide range of services to help minimize the amount of upkeep residents need to perform—including landscaping services. This dramatically reduces the burden on senior residents while still allowing them to fully enjoy their homes and lifestyles. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from a retirement patio home:


  • Independence – Your patio home delivers all of the comfort, privacy, and independence of living in your own single-family home.
  • Safety – Patio homes are located within senior living communities, which means you will have constant access to healthcare professionals in the event of a fall or injury.
  • Minimal Upkeep – Most maintenance services are provided for you when you stay in a patio home. This includes routine home maintenance and landscaping services.
  • Multiple Floor Plans – Many different floor plans are available to help you find a house that truly feels like your home.
  • Community Amenities – Since your patio home is in a retirement community, you will gain access to all of the amenities.

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