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The Unavoidable Signs That Your Aging Parent Needs Assisted Living

It’s not easy to see your parents getting older. You might feel grateful for the time you’ve spent together but also unsure how to provide them with the best care. You worry about their safety and well-being; all the while, they contend with loneliness and isolation.

That is why many families are choosing to entrust their aging parents to assisted living in Southeast Denver. The best senior living communities provide your aging parents with a safe and comfortable place to call home. However, it can be challenging to conclude whether your loved ones need extra care. Here are some signs that your aging parents could benefit from an assisted living facility:

Struggling with Daily Living Activities – If your parents are struggling with daily living activities like dressing, bathing, eating, or grooming, it’s an indication that they require help. If you find that they frequently forget their medication or have difficulty following doctor’s orders, it could be hazardous to their health. An assisted living facility can support them with these activities and ensure that they receive appropriate medical care.

Home Is No Longer Safe – You can evaluate your parents’ house to assess if their environment is safe or not. As we age, our balance depletes, and we can become unsteady on our feet. This, coupled with poor vision or hearing loss, can elevate the risk of a fall. Check to see if there are any tripping hazards or if they can safely operate appliances like the stove. With an assisted living facility, you can have peace of mind that your parents are safe.

They Have Become Withdrawn – If your parents have become more solitary than usual, this is a sign that loneliness is affecting them. Senior living facilities provide an ideal environment for social engagement and daily activities and can assist in keeping your parents mentally stimulated and connected in the company of people their age.

They Require Full-Time Care – If you live far away from your parents and cannot provide full-time care, you may want to consider the assistance of an assisted living facility. While some seniors may be capable of living alone, ensuring they have access to an emergency response system is essential.

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