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The Importance of Engagement for People in Dementia Care

Research shows that when it comes to dementia care in Southeast Denver, engagement yields a wide variety of beneficial effects, including improving activities of daily living, increasing positive emotions, and improving the quality of life. The type of engagement that can be provided in affordable assisted living communities can help with the following:

  • Increasing Socialization & Connectedness
  • Improving Cognitive Workouts
  • Promoting Decision Making & Empowering Choice
  • Giving Purpose
  • Creating Meaning & Reducing Frustration
  • Improving Self-Esteem & Returning a Sense of Mastery
  • Increasing Joy & General Happiness

Lack of engagement, on the other hand, can be particularly detrimental. Without the community created at a memory care center, there is a chance to magnify the boredom, apathy, depression, and loneliness that often accompanies an individual’s dementia progression.

The best type of engagement for memory comes from person-centered care. That means the engagement activities are finely tuned to the individual person. The best caretakers are those that dedicate time to learning more about the lives of those with whom they are working.

What type of music do they like? What was their favorite thing to do growing up? Do they have a favorite food? Knowing answers to these questions can help a caretaker provide personalized care that truly improves the lives of their patients.

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