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Independent Living | Denver, CO

The Benefits of Independent Living in Denver, CO

In recent years, independent living in Denver, CO, has grown and improved with regard to services and amenities. Independent living facilities have become a retirement haven for seniors that desire flexibility and peace of mind. They are designed for independent, active seniors that want to reduce the worries of home maintenance, commuting, safety, social isolation, and health. Here are a few of the most attractive benefits that independent living communities offer.


One of the most popular reasons seniors choose independent living is when safety at home becomes a risk. Independent living facilities allow you to remain independent while offering measures and services to keep you safe and healthy. For example, many facilities have CPR-certified first responders available 24/7, safety pendants, pull cords in suites, and in-suite safety features.

Even the building designs of independent living communities are built to address sharp corners, wide doorways, and bolted furniture to ensure a low risk for home-related accidents. This blend of well-being, independence, and care simplifies life.

Convenience & Socializing

Independent living also provides many everyday conveniences as well as extra opportunities for socializing. Depending on the community you choose, amenities can range from trash removal to in-house hairdressers, transportation, or laundry services. Also, having your own suite with all your friends and neighbors down the hall or enjoying dinner in the same dining venue offers the best of both worlds.

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