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Assisted Living Communities

Talking to Your Parents about Assisted Living and Senior Care

Assisted living communities are a great place for the elderly to receive the care and attention they need. Placing your parents in another person’s care can be a difficult and emotional process. If you are thinking about assisted living for them, it is crucial to talk to them about it as well. Here are a few tips to help with the discussions.

Discuss Assisted Living Options with Siblings First

If you have brothers or sisters, then it is crucial to understand that having the talk about senior care is a group effort. What you might consider as the best option for your parents may be different from that of your siblings’. Make sure you can arrive at a consensus before speaking with your parents. If you can’t settle disagreements, then get a social worker involved to provide an unbiased perspective into your discussions.

Be Willing to Revisit the Conversation Multiple Times

“Getting old” and not being able to live independently are scary things to consider. Talking with your parents about senior care options might not take one conversation--you may have to bring it up dozens of times. Have patience and be willing to process how your parents might take such talks.

Come to the Conversation with an Educated, Open Mind

Above all, have empathy for your parents. Take the time to understand their perspectives on senior care. At the same time, research the options and learn about the pros and cons of assisted living communities. Nobody likes making life decisions with uncertainty. You need to provide evidence that assisted care is the best possible option for your loved ones.

Having the talk about senior care can be a long process. Approach the topic with a genuine concern for your loved ones. You can always use resources from an organization like AARP or the National Council on Aging to help inform your decisions.

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