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Staff Stepping Up in Denver Retirement Communities During Quarantine

This is a lonely time for many with the demands of COVID-19 keeping family and friends apart. This can be true in retirement communities in Denver, where measures to keep a vulnerable population safe also separate them from loved ones. However, the staff is doing quite a bit to improve the quality of life for the elderly.

Some of the staff in such communities are going above and beyond to brighten life for the residents. For example, in some facilities, the staff washes and styles hair so individuals feel cared for and more attractive. They extend that pampering to manicures and pedicures, which feel wonderful, and make the hands and feet so much more presentable.

Other staff members are working to fill the vacuum left by the quarantine. This includes increased activities in the retirement home, as well as lessons in and assistance with technology. By setting up Zoom and Facetime meetings for residents, they’re able to stay in touch with their families and even spend holidays together. This is what staff and caregivers in retirement communities in Denver are doing to help residents feel connected to those they love.

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