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Single Seniors & Independent Living Communities

Although almost 30% of seniors over the age of 65 are single, there is no reason they can’t build relationships and expand their social circle. Southeast Denver independent living communities are the perfect place to meet new people and develop relationships.

Fostering Friendships

Whether you enjoy exercise in the morning, like going for coffee in the afternoon, or love staying up late to win a card game, retirement homes offer the best of everything life has to offer. Single seniors thrive in independent living facilities because it’s easy to connect to people with shared interests, and there is plenty of time to build new friendships. 

Explore the Dating Scene

Single people often want to connect with other single people, and the natural result is dating. It is much easier to find someone in your age group when you can meet them organically through activities you both enjoy. It’s a great starting point and can lead to a deeper connection that lasts through the years.

Time to Relax

Most seniors have spent their lives working hard and maintaining a home. Single seniors are free to enjoy independent living that allows them to unwind, meet new people, and live in a community that affords them freedom from owning a property but has all the comforts of home.

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