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Dementia Care

Providing Dementia Care for an Aging Parent

You may notice dementia in an elderly loved one. This is a decline in an individual’s mental condition that makes activities of daily living difficult. The most common type of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease. It usually presents by a person displaying a loss of memory, reasoning, or other thinking skills as well as other behavioral characteristics. Because of this loss, the individual requires dementia care.

Safety & Oversight Are Essential

When you cannot provide around-the-clock attention for your aging parent with memory loss, you may seek out a retirement home with a well-trained memory care staff. Such an individual requires 24/7 care due to the effects of memory loss and other possible tendencies, such as wandering into hazardous areas alone.  Our facilities and trained staff ensure safe and healthy living conditions for those suffering from dementia.

Within our facilities, residents are safe from wandering into danger, such as going outside alone or into areas with hazards, such as kitchens or exercise rooms. Our staff is specially trained by In on how to provide professional dementia care. Your loved ones will have experienced, professional caregivers looking after them and protecting them from harm.

As those with dementia require a high level of personal care, it matters that they live in a place where they can get the attention they need. A high staff-to-patient ratio is essential. Also, it’s important to provide mental and physical activities to keep the mind and body active. This greatly contributes to the quality of life for the patient.

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