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Assisted Living Community in Denver, CO

Living In An Assisted Living Community

When you’re contemplating moving to an assisted living community in Denver, CO, you may be wondering what it’s like to live in one. While visiting friends in assisted living, or taking a tour of a facility will give you an idea, but you may wonder what’s going on behind the scenes. Let’s look at a day at a typical, private-pay assisted living community. Many of the differences are of scale and amenities, and not necessarily of quality of care. 


Life at an assisted living community is not regimented. Aside from meal times and optional scheduled activities, your time is your own. There is 24-hour assistance available, which means that should you need help, it’s always there.

The first person you may see in the morning is a nurse or care associate coming into your apartment to say hello and dispense your morning medicine, should you be on a prescribed regimen. Assisted living communities practice medication management, and prescription drugs are monitored distributed in proper doses by the staff.


Your assisted living community will have set times for meals in the dining room. If you should miss mealtime, many communities also have cafes where you can have a snack, and all will serve your meals in your room should you prefer. Meals are planned and developed by nutritionists to be nutritious and to meet your dietary requirements. 


Not only are there scheduled activities, but your assisted living community, like most, will have spaces and equipment for you to do things on your own. This might include an exercise room, arts and crafts, a library, computer room, cars room or sunrooms or courtyards to relax with family and friends. 

Optional scheduled activities are where an assisted living community really shines.  These may include exercise classes, bridge, games, Bible study, art and education classes, shopping or restaurant outings, and social events. If there’s an activity you like, you can usually find it.

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