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How to Talk to Your Parents about Assisted Living in Southeast Denver

Our parents took good care of us when we were growing up, so it is our duty to take good care of them as they grow older. That is why starting a conversation with them about how—and where—they would like to spend their golden years is important.

If an assisted living facility in Southeast Denver seems like the best option, your parents may need a little bit of convincing. This is because retirement homes did not have the best reputation in the past, but much has changed, and we want to help you begin the conversation with your parents in a productive way.

  • Start the Conversation Early – The earlier you start the conversation, the better. You can introduce the idea of assisted living as part of your regular conversations with your parents. Ask them how they envision their golden years, their retirement plans, and if they have considered any retirement communities nearby.
  • Listen Attentively to Their Objections – It is natural for your parents to have objections and concerns about assisted living, and it is essential to listen to them carefully. Encourage them to share their thoughts and address their concerns, such as loss of independence, being away from family, financial concerns, and medical care.
  • Visit Retirement Homes & Bring Your Parents Along – While talking to your parents, it is a good idea to take them on tours of retirement communities. This lets them see firsthand the benefits of living in a community setting. Remember to talk to the staff and let your parents ask questions of current residents.
  • Emphasize the Benefits of Assisted Living – Assisted living can positively impact your parent’s well-being, which must be highlighted. You can emphasize how retirement homes offer the right balance between independence and assistance, depending on individual needs, and provide access to on-site medical care when necessary.
  • Involve Other Family Members – Convicting your parents to move to an assisted living facility can be a team effort. Involve other family members and loved ones in the discussions. Assure your parents that everyone’s best interests are being considered and that multiple perspectives are being taken into account.

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