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Assisted Living | Denver, CO

How to Choose the Best Provider of Assisted Living in Denver, CO

Assisted living in Denver, CO, is an option considered by many families face sooner or later. However, selecting the right place for yourself or your loved one is never an easy choice. So, if you're asking yourself, "How do I choose an assisted living community?" check out these key items to consider when selecting an assisted living community.

Location Is Everything

Naturally, you may want to keep your loved one as close as possible. This will make visiting convenient and will be helpful when arranging transportation to family events. Look first at the assisted living communities within a 30 to 40-minute drive from your home. Spending hours on drive time will greatly reduce your ability to schedule meaningful visits.

The Size of a Community Matters

Try to choose an assisted living community that will be a good fit size-wise. For example, you or your loved one may prefer a small home with just a few other seniors and a small staff or a larger community with more socializing and amenities. You may also prioritize a one-on-one situation with access to close, personalized care. Make sure to tour the assisted living community and consider the amenities offered.

The Services that Matter to You

When transitioning to assisted living, there are always certain services that are invaluable. Look for a community that places individual service as a high priority. Beyond a close, personal relationship with staffers, you might look for a home that offers other amenities such as:

Recreation Rooms
In-House Salons
Hygiene Professionals on Staff
Restaurant-Style Dining
Transportation to Appointments
Registered Nurses
Access to Physical Therapists

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