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Dementia Care: Using Food to Connect

Food is a universal language. Great food is able to bring strangers together while sparking cherished memories and creating new ones at the same time. The ability of food—the taste and the aroma—to engage our senses makes it a wonderful tool when it comes to dementia care in Southeast Denver. Here are just some of the ways food is able to assist with memory care:

Preparing – Choose a simple recipe to prepare that you know the memory care patient was a fan of growing up. Then assemble the ingredients and incorporate them into your conversation.

Decorating – Making a baked good like a cake or cookies? Then try to use decorations or shapes that you think the memory care patient will recognize. Maybe they used to always make a special type of cupcake for birthday parties, or they loved baking gingerbread men during the holidays? Try to unlock those memories through your food!

Storytelling – Did your loved one have a favorite recipe or cookbook they always used? Why not pull it out and look through it with them to see if it sparks any memories? If you find a specific recipe of interest, then that is the perfect dish to create together!

Consider including the faculties in eating times as you convey dementia care. There is something else to food besides taste! Call attention to the sizzling sound of eggs searing, the delightful fragrance of the chicken you are simmering for supper, and the incredible perfection of the bread batter being manipulated. Endeavor to make each plate appealing to the eyes and the sense of  

taste. Furthermore, whenever the situation allows, develop discussions that connect the individual to recollections from earlier times.

Regularly, an individual with dementia will experience a lessened craving and lose interest in food. Exercises, for example, can be a dazzling method for reestablishing the delight we experience together through shared feasts and treats.

Our dementia care specialists have more tips for creating life all over it tends to be for somebody with dementia. Reach out to Eastern Star Masonic Retirement Campus any time on the web or at (720)-726-9313 to demand dementia care assets or to figure out more about our home medical care administrations in Southeast Denver, Co.

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