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Celebrating New Year's Eve in a Retirement Home

The holiday season can be a particularly difficult time for seniors in assisted living facilities. This can be especially true as it gets closer and closer to the new year. Thankfully, many Denver retirement homes provide an assortment of fun activities and parties to help boost the spirits of your senior loved ones and help them celebrate a new year in style. Some of the most popular types of activities include:


Craft Projects – This is a fun way for seniors to not only spend their time, but also keep their minds sharp and improve the dexterity of their hands.

Cooking or Baking – Seniors can get a lot of enjoyment from baking or cooking up some of their favorite foods. If the senior can no longer do the cooking themselves, they can always lend a hand to others.

Converse – There is no time better spent with a loved one than sitting down and having a conversation. A senior loved one has so much wisdom, life lessons, and memories to share that by asking them to open up and share their stories, both of you will find yourselves becoming enriched.

Watch a Movie – Have a favorite holiday movie? Why not watch it with a senior loved one? Pop up some popcorn or bring over a favorite meal and spend some time watching a classic that you and your senior loved one will never get tired of.

Switch Your Countdown – The world is a big place, which means there is always some part of it celebrating the new year on New Year’s Eve. So, if your senior isn’t able to stay up until midnight to ring in the new year in your time zone, do some research and see if you can’t celebrate a little bit earlier.





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