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5 Warning Signs of Dementia

It’s normal for people to become more forgetful and “foggy” as they age. However, it’s also important to watch for red flags that indicate dementia before a serious accident occurs. Take note of these five warning signs—and seek dementia care in Southeast Denver when it becomes necessary.

  1. Impacted Daily Activities: Is your loved one often forgetting things or struggling to retain new information? While some forgetfulness is normal, if it starts impacting daily activities or making it difficult to complete once-familiar tasks, it could indicate dementia.
  2. Language Problems: Another sign of dementia is that the person frequently forgets words or substitutes words that don’t fit. If communication problems start occurring, consult a doctor.
  3. Time and Place Disorientation: People with dementia can become lost even in areas they know well or suddenly find themselves somewhere without any memory of getting there. If this begins occurring with your loved one, consider transitioning them to an affordable assisted living community to keep them safe.
  4. Mood and Personality Changes: When someone starts experiencing abnormal mood swings or behaving out of character, it might be due to dementia. You might notice that your loved one seems confused, suspicious, withdrawn, or has lost interest in things they once enjoyed.
  5. Impaired Judgement: One of the most concerning symptoms of dementia is that the person no longer recognizes when their health or safety is at risk. Moving them to a Denver retirement home with specialized dementia care can help keep them out of dangerous situations.

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