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4 Signs That It’s Time for Senior Assisted Living

Deciding whether to transition your loved one to assisted living in Southeast Denver is a big decision. There are no clear-cut answers, and every person must be considered as an individual. However, these are four signs that your family should start looking at affordable assisted living communities.

  1. Necessary Daily Support: Does your aging loved one require help with daily activities like bathing, grooming, eating, taking medication, and so on? If your family can’t support them around the clock, assisted living may be the answer.
  2. Personality Changes: Drastic changes in personality are a major red flag, especially if your loved one becomes withdrawn, avoiding social gatherings and once-beloved hobbies. Moving to an assisted living facility can give them the meaningful socialization they need.
  3. Concerning Weight Loss: Many seniors slim down compared to their younger years, but if your loved one experiences significant weight loss in a short period, it may indicate they are forgetting to eat. Likewise, they may not be able to prepare nutritious meals easily anymore.
  4. Memory Issues: It’s not unusual to forget things now and then, but if these episodes start happening more often or result in serious problems, it might be time to move to a safe community. Many affordable assisted living communities also provide special dementia care as needed.

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