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We know how important it is to provide ways for you to keep abreast of the happenings at our community. We have provided several resources for you here.

Are you interested in knowing what we are serving for dinner this week? Check out our menu, and you may find that you want to invite friends or family and enjoy a meal together.

Our Life Enrichment Calendar will help you plan your own calendar, as you seek to expand your life experiences. Families and friends are invited to join us!

And, of course, if you have ideas and suggestions, we would love to hear from you. You may use our feedback form here, or simply stop by the Administrator's office. If you are especially pleased with something our team is doing, feel free to use the applause form. We will pass on your appreciation to the team!

New and exciting things are happening all the time. If you would like to receive announcements and updates by email, please sign up here for our regular email updates.
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Looking for further explanations to your questions?  Our FAQ section should cover your questions.

We offer an exceptional menu that is carefully tailored to our residents' tastes and preferences.
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Email a Resident
Do you have a loved one at Eastern Star Masonic Retirement Campus? Send them a email and a caring staff member will personally deliver and read your message to the specified resident.

View our Life Enrichment Calendar
Families are encouraged to be actively involved in our events and daily happenings.  Experience the exciting events offered at Eastern Star Masonic Retirement Campus.

Send us your feedback on how we are doing.
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Send Applause
Has Eastern Star Masonic Retirement Campus made a positive difference in your loved one's life? Please share it with us!

This is how we live
See what life looks like at our Denver community.

Find additional answers to your questions through these resources.

Pet Policy
Learn more about Eastern Star Masonic Retirement Campus's pet friendly options.