Calendar Of Events at Eastern Star Masonic Retirement Community

Community Shred-A-Thon & Electronic Recycle Event

An Evening of Laughter

Fraternal Family Community Picnic and Car Show

2014 Events

  • April 26th Community Shred a thon and Electronic Recycle Event from 10am-Noon 
  • April 26th Senior Prom with IORG, Colorado Jobs Daughters and DeMolay and our Seniors, time 1pm-3pm 
  • June 13th 5th Annual Golf Tournament at Park Hill Golf Club 
  • July 16th Night of Laughter at the DTC Comedy Works 7:30 show time! 
  • August 16th Fraternal Family Community Picnic from 11am-2pm

For more information please call Pati Sawyer Boex; Fraternal Relations Director 303-753-2160

Canyon Critters Visit

Fraternal Family Picnic 2012

Eastern Star Masonic Retirement Community held its annual fraternal family picnic on Saturday, Aug 11th. See the fun that was had by all:

La Petite Academy Visit

We have made friends with La Petite Academy and they come to visit the residents for the Eastern Star Masonic Retirement Community throughout the year. This time they sang a few songs, made everyone flowers and shared hugs and donuts. They will be back for Halloween dressed up in costumes and doing a parade around the building to make the residents smile, laugh and share some candy.

Cow Appreciation Day

See our Animoto videos of our residents getting dressed up like cows for Cow appreciation Day at Chick Fil A.  For the 3rd year in a row the residents of the Eastern Star Masonic Retirement Community dressed up in black and white added embellishments to look like cows for a free meal at Chick Fil A! A Yummy time was had by all.